TEI Vesta release

The Vesta desktop TEI processor is now available. Vesta is a simple Java desktop application which lets you run conversions on TEI files.
It understands what to do with ODD files, and can generate schemas and documentation. It can process simple
TEI XML files and make HTML, LaTeX, FO and Word 2007 .docx output.

A MacOS version can be downloaded from


and Debian/Ubuntu users can pick up a “tei-vesta” package by adding the right APT source to their local setup (see
The source is available on

2009 Annual Members Meeting: Ann Arbor, 11-15 November

The 2009 Annual Meeting of the TEI Consortium will be held November 11-15, 2009 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The program, organized around the theme “Text encoding in the era of mass digitization,” will feature keynote lectures, parallel sessions, the annual TEI business meeting, a poster session/tools demonstration and slam, and Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings.

For more information, visit the conference website.

Please direct all inquiries to tei-meeting-2009@umich.edu.

Print copies of the P5 Guidelines now available for sale

Print copies of the P5 Guidelines are now available. The two volume set, which is particularly suitable for reference and use within the lab, has a retail
price of $150.00 USD + Shipping and handling. Current Members and Subscribers may purchase the Guidelines at cost ($120.00 + shipping
and handling)) using a special discount code.
In addition, Members receive one free copy of the Guidelines as a
Membership Benefit.

TEI P5 release 1.3.0

Version 1.3.0 of TEI P5 has been released. The new release

  • adds two new elements (listEvent and locusGrp)
  • includes extensive modifications to the French translation,
    undertaken by the GE8 group under J-L. Benoit
  • includes a large number of Chinese examples provided by the Taiwan
    team under M. Bingenheimer
  • contains a range of minor changes agreed by the TEI Council between
    November 2008 and January 2009, in response to suggestions and bug
    reports received at the TEI Sourceforge request tracker.

Changes made are listed briefly in date order at

. Where
further discussion of the change is available in the SF bug tracker,
the ticket number is indicated in parentheses in the list.

The release can be found in four places:

New versions of Roma (3.7) and the XSL stylesheets (5.15) accompany this release, and can be found in the same locations listed above.
and are in the same places as given for P5.

Answers to Vendor Questions for Digitization RFP Now Available

The Text Encoding Initiative Consortium (TEI http://www.tei-c.org/) has released
answers to
vendor questions submitted as part of Requests for Proposals
competition for the provision of digitization services as a
benefit to its institutional members.

The answers, with a link to survey data on our membership, can be found at http://www.tei-c.org/Admin/RFP_Answers.xml.

For further information please contact digitization@tei-c.org

Call for Participation: Advanced Seminars in TEI Encoding

Applications are invited for participation in a new series of advanced text
encoding seminars, sponsored by the Brown University Women Writers Project with
generous funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

These seminars assume a basic familiarity with TEI, and provide an opportunity
to explore specific encoding topics in more detail, in a collaborative workshop
setting. Each seminar will focus on one of two topics:

  1. Manuscript encoding: focusing on the detailed challenges of encoding
    manuscript materials, including editorial, transcriptional, and
    interpretive issues and the methods of representing these in TEI markup.
  2. Contextual information: focusing on TEI methods for formalizing and
    representing information about context: named entities such as people
    and places, thematic analysis and keywords, text classification,
    glossaries and annotations.

These seminars are intended to provide a more in-depth look at specific
encoding problems and topics for people who are already involved in a text
encoding project or are in the process of planning one. Each event will include
a mix of presentations, discussion, case studies using participants’ projects,
hands-on practice, and individual consultation. The seminars will be strongly
project-based: participants will present their projects to the group, discuss
specific challenges and encoding strategies, develop encoding specifications and
documentation, and create encoded sample documents and templates. We encourage
project teams and collaborative groups to apply, although individuals are also
welcome. A basic knowledge of the TEI Guidelines and some prior experience with
text encoding (e.g. an introductory workshop, job experience, etc.) will be

Travel funding is available of up to $500 per participant.

Dates, locations, and application deadlines are below. For information on how to
apply, and for more detailed information on each workshop, please visit http://www.wwp.brown.edu/encoding/seminars.

The workshop schedule is as follows:

  • University of California, Santa Barbara, September 14-16, 2009;
    application deadline: June 15, 2009. This workshop will focus on the
    encoding of contextual information.
  • University of Maryland, College Park, January 20-22, 2010;
    application deadline: August 1, 2009. This workshop will focus on the
    encoding of manuscript materials.
  • Brown University, April 8-10, 2010; application deadline: November 1,
    2009. This workshop will focus on the encoding of contextual
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, July 2010 (precise date and deadlines
    TBA). This workshop will focus on the encoding of manuscript
  • University at Buffalo, October 2010 (precise date and deadlines TBA).
    This workshop will focus on the encoding of manuscript materials.
  • University of Maryland, January 2011 (precise date and deadlines
    TBA). This workshop will focus on the encoding of contextual

TEI Co-sponsored Meeting Balisage 2009 Program Announced

The organizing committee has released the program for “Balisage 2009: The Markup
Conference” to be held in Montreal from 11 to 14 August, 2009.

The program can be found in two forms:

Topics include:

  • design of tools for writing XML and ways to hide XML from authors;
  • XML processing pipelines;
  • encoding multiple versions of documents, theory of document
    versioning, and change management in a compex XML environment;
  • creating XSD sschemas from UML;
  • linking, namespaces, vocabularies,
  • and a variety of XML-related specifications including Schematron,
    XSLT, XPath, and XForms and a host of others.

Several slots have been left open for late-breaking news […]

Call for Workshop Proposals

Text Encoding in the Era of Mass
Digitization: 2009 Conference and Members’ Meeting of the TEI Consortium
November 11-15, 2009. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Traditionally, the
TEI Conference and Members’ Meeting has been preceded by educational workshops.
The goal of these workshops is to give members of the TEI community an
opportunity to learn more about the use of the TEI markup under the guidance of
experienced instructors and practitioners. In the past such workshops have
ranged from a basic introduction to the use of TEI markup to more specialized
sessions on specific aspects of the TEI or its use in specific domains. They
have ranged in length from a single morning or afternoon to a maximum of two
days. Workshops are run on a cost-recovery basis: a separate fee is charged of
participants that is intended to cover the costs of running the workshop.

We are now soliciting proposals for workshops for the 2009 Conference
and Members’ Meeting, to be held November 11-15 in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA).
Workshops are distinct from other conference activities, such as papers,
sessions, and Special Interest Group meetings. They should be educational in
focus and propose topics that are likely to be of interest to recognizable
segments of the TEI community […]

Call for Bids: TEI Conference and Members Meeting, 2010

Call for Bids: TEI Conference and Members Meeting, 2010

The annual TEI Conference and Members’ Meeting takes place every year in late
October or early November. We are now seeking bids to host this
event in 2010.

The conference and meeting this year (2009) will take place on November 11-15 at the
University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, USA. The previous meetings
have been:

  • London, England, November 6-8, 2008. hosted by King’s
    College London.
  • College Park (MD), USA, October 31-November 3, 2007.
    Hosted by the University of Maryland.
  • Victoria, Canada, October 27-28, 2006. Hosted by the
    University of Victoria.
  • Sophia, Bulgaria, October 28-29, 2005. Hosted by the
    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
  • Baltimore, USA, October 22-23, 2004. Hosted by Johns
    Hopkins University.
  • Nancy, France, November 7-8 2003. Hosted by ATILF.
  • Chicago, USA, October 11-12 2002. Hosted by the Newberry
    Library and Northwestern University.
  • Pisa, Italy, November 16-17 2001. Hosted by the University
    of Pisa.

The site of the conference and meeting has typically alternated between Europe and
North America, but that is not a fixed rule. We welcome proposals
from other parts of the world, and in particular from areas where
new TEI communities are arising.

This year’s conference and meeting will be a four-day event (plus pre-conference
workshops), with approximately 120 attendees. The three days of the
main conference will include a mix of plenary lectures by invited
speakers, round-table discussions, and conference-style sessions;
there will also be a business meeting of the membership. The fourth
day (Sunday) will be a closed session for members of the Board.
Meetings of TEI Special Interest Groups (SIGs) may also scheduled
for this day. Future meetings should assume roughly this shape,
although there is considerable room for local initiative in
consultation with the Board.

The TEI Consortium guarantees direct costs of the conference and
meeting up to a maximum of US$5200 with special provisions for
funding attendance in excess of approximately 120 attendees. The
conference organising committee is also expected to seek additional
funds from local institutions, commercial sponsors, and other
organisations. A conference registration fee is charged to assist
the TEI in recovering its expenditure and ensure that it is able to
underwrite the cost of future conferences.

Bids should be sent to info@tei-c.org by no later than September 1,
2009, though institutions considering making a proposal are
encouraged to contact chair of the TEI (daniel.odonnell@uleth.ca) much earlier in the process in
order to discuss their ideas. Bids should include the following

  • The name of the institution(s) making the bid
  • The name, address, email, and telephone number of the
    contact person
  • A brief description of the facilities available for the
    event (rooms, equipment, technical support, food)
  • An indication of what financial support, if any, the
    hosting institution is prepared to give (for instance,
    sponsoring one or more receptions or pre-meeting workshops;
    payment of travel expenses for one or more plenary speakers;
  • Any other details that may be useful in assessing the bid
    (e.g. the presence of a conference on a related topic at the
    institution around the time of the meeting; the launch of a
    new TEI-related initiative at the institution, etc., ideas
    for a particular theme or focus).

In submitting bids, local organisers are encouraged to be
creative: the TEI is willing to work with hosts to reflect local
interests and strengths.

Further information about the requirements for the conference and members meeting
may be found in our document on Hosting a Members
and the Board’s own Practices and

All bids will be reviewed by the TEI board, which makes the final

21 May 2009