AccessTEI Launched: New Digitization Benefit for Member Institutions Now Available

With the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation‘s Scholarly Communications and Information Technology programme, and in cooperation with Apex CoVantage, LLC, a leader in content management outsourcing, the Text Encoding Initiative is pleased to announce the launch of its new AccessTEI digitization program.

AccessTEI is a digitization program that allows member institutions of the TEI to realize saving and workflow efficiencies in the outsourcing of digitization work normally available only to the largest and most active of institutions. By taking advantage of economies of scale among the TEI membership, AccessTEI is able to offer preferred pricing even on very small jobs—while still providing users with access to individual project management and Quality Assurance programs. Pricing is set by the output kilobyte, providing cost certainty.

The AccessTEI Project Management Interface

The AccessTEI Project Management Interface

Using the AccessTEI web portal member institutions submit work for digitization. In recognition of the fact that TEI members work with a wide variety of content, AccessTEI accepts a very wide variety of original documents from modern print to manuscript and in western and non-western character sets. An innovative pricing matrix allows users to determine the cost effectiveness of any particular job, ensuring that limited resources (including the time of skilled researchers) are applied with maximum efficiency.

Submissions to this program are encoded in TEI Tite, a special TEI-developed customization developed to ensure maximum keyboarding efficiency. Users can easily transform documents encoded in Tite into TEI P5 XML or other standard markup languages.

Contact the TEI to learn about how your project can become a member in order to take advantage of this program. Already a member? Contact us to set up your AccessTEI account.