CFP: Inaugural Issue of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative

CFP: Inaugural Issue of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative,
the official journal of the TEI Consortium

The TEI Board is delighted to announce a call for papers for the inaugural issue of The Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative. The journal will be published at least once a year with papers from the previous year’s TEI Conference and Members’ Meeting. The editors also welcome proposals from members of the community to guest-edit a special issue on a particular topic or theme of interest
for TEI scholarship, methods, or practice. This is a freely-available, open-access, peer-reviewed journal hosted by

For more information on the journal, see . Detailed submission instructions will be made available at this site in the near future.For this inaugural issue, the guest editors (Syd Bauman, Kevin Hawkins, and Malte Rehbein) welcome any article that
takes as its premise the scholarly, pedagogic, or administrative concerns of the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines or the Text
Encoding Initiative Consortium. Articles arising from the 2009 Conference and Members Meeting held in Ann Arbor are especially welcome.

Closing date for submissions for the inaugural issue is 30 October 2010 with publication expected late Winter 2011.

On behalf of the TEI Board,

Susan Schreibman, Editor-in-Chief

Markus Flatscher, Technical Editor

Kevin S. Hawkins, Managing Editor