Bursary Announcement: Interedition Workshop, Israel

Bursary Announcement
Interedition Workshop  at the National Library of Israel, 6-7 October

The ESF COST Action Interedition is delighted to offer several bursaries for a workshop to be held at the National Library of Israel, 6-7 October 2010.

The goal of Interedition is to promote the interoperability of the tools and methodology used in the field of digital scholarly editing and research. Equally, Interedition seeks to raise the awareness of the importance of sustainability of the digital artefacts and instruments we create. To this end, Intereditions is hosting this workshop at the National Library of Israel to explore the tools, methodologies, and approaches to better support a shared model for the creation of sustainable infrastructure for digital text.

Applications are being accepted for bursaries for early stage researchers to attend this two-day event which will include lectures by leading textual scholars (including Dirk Van Hulle, Fotis Jannidis, Susan Schreibman, and Joris van Zundert) The first day will focus on lectures on topics ranging from the creation and futures of digital scholarly editions, to the tools being used to create and edit them. The second day will be hands-on centering on practical experience in using tools and methodologies central to the discipline, including TEI, eLaborate, and CollateX. On day II attendees will participate in a project slam and there will be ample opportunity to discuss their editing projects with workshop facilitators.

To apply for busaries, candidates must be:

  • an emerging scholar, which is defined by the ESF as someone who has not been in an established position for more than five years, with exceptions for parental, medical, and national service leaves. The ESF notes that ‘students, post-doctorate researchers and lecturers within 5 years of appointment would be amongst those included in this definition’.
  • you are affiliated to a an institution in a country in which ESF has a 
member organisation (see http://www.esf.org/about-us/80-member-organisations.html;)

Bursaries will be awarded in two categories: up to €300 for Israeli delegates and up to €1200 for European delegates to cover housing and travel costs. Expenses will be reimbursed after the event in line with COST procedures.

If you fit the above criteria and would like to apply for consideration, please send no more than two pages that include the following: a) a brief 
CV showing your career history and current academic affiliation; and b) how 
this workshop will intersect with your research. Please send your application to susan.schreibman[AT]gmail.com no later than 24 August.

Susan Schreibman, PhD
Digital Humanities Observatory
Pembroke House
28-32 Upper Pembroke Street
Dublin 2, Ireland