Announcing preliminary dissemination of “An Interview with Julia Flanders.”

On behalf of the TEI Education SIG, I am pleased to announce preliminary dissemination of “An Interview with Julia Flanders.”

To ensure that anyone who may wish to access the piece for teaching (or other) purposes can do so even before the work finds a more permanent home, the interviewee has graciously granted me permission to share it informally via blog post. The related links (including a brief, informal introduction; the questions; the transcript and podcast; and the TEI-XML version) can be found on the TEI Education SIG wiki page.

As indicated in the interview introduction, Julia’s comments are thought-provoking and profoundly significant, the kind that urgently warrant dissemination, but I hope nonetheless that they will come to represent only one part of a larger, ongoing conversation about TEI and DH.

Questions, comments, suggestions, etc. are warmly welcomed —

With best wishes,
Stephanie Schlitz