Reminder: Early registration for TEI members meeting and conference closes in one week

A reminder that early registration for the TEI members meeting and
conference in Zadar, Croatia closes in one week. The conference will
consist of three days of optional but very exciting pre-conference
workshops (November 8-10), and three days of sessions, refereed papers,
and Special Interest Group meetings (November 11-14). Information on the
conference may be found here: Registration is via our
online store:

If you register before September 8th, you will receive a 20% discount on
the pre-conference workshops and 15% discount on conference
registration. For members and individual subscribers to the TEI, this
discount is in addition to the up to 50% discounts on registration they
already receive.

Because workshops are being offered on a cost-recovery basis, it is
important that people who are considering taking a pre-conference
workshop indicate this soon: workshops that do not enroll sufficiently
are subject to cancellation by the end of September.

In addition to the exciting programme of speakers, our pre-conference
workshops are being conducted by prominent leaders in the world of TEI
and XML more generally: Norm Walsh (XProc), C. M. Sperberg-McQueen
(XQuery and Xforms), the TEI@Oxford team (Understanding ODD), Elena
Pierazzo and Malte Rehbein (the newly proposed Genetic Encoding Module),
and Andreas Witt, Thomas Schmidt, Hanna Hedeland, Timm Lehmberg (Using
TEI for Transcription of Speech).

Workshops are priced for members/subscribers at $60 for each half-day
($51/half-day before September 8th). Workshops vary in length from 1
half day to one and a half days.

You can become a subscriber of the TEI and/or register for the
conference workshops at our on-line store: Early
Registration closes September 7th.

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