New release of TEI stylesheets (release 5.40)

With apologies for inflicting another release so soon, I have put out version 5.40 of my family of TEI-related XSL in all the usual places (Sourceforge, TEI web site, Debian packages). The reason for the immediate release was to correct an error before the next release of oXygen, which includes these stylesheets. As before, nearly all fixes related to ODD and to ePub and Word conversion.

On the plus side, those of you who care about TEI -> OpenOffice will find several errors fixed and features improved (now generates files which OO 3.2 eats without complaint), and those of you at the cutting edge of ODD will definitely want to get the latest fixes to the ODD-processing tools. Thanks to the Music Encoding Initiative people for pushing this forward with their demanding and ambitious spec.

Add in a trial TEI to NLM script from Martin Holmes and what’s not to like, as the cant phrase has it?

Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@OUCS.OX.AC.UK>