Grant Call for TEI Special Interest Groups

Grant Call for TEI Special Interest Groups
Proposals Due 22 October 2010
Total Call: $4,500

The TEI Board is delighted to announce a second call for proposals for 2010.
Projects proposed should support the goals of the TEI, the objectives of the SIG, and should be carried out within one year of the date of the award. Any of the nine SIGs that have been approved by Council are eligible to apply:

1. Correspondence
2. Education
3. Libraries
4. Manuscripts
5. Music
6. Ontologies
7.Scholarly Publishing
8. Text and Graphics
9. Tools

Applications will be adjudicated according to the following criteria:

• activity contributes to the promotion and development of the TEI;
• activity is broadly in line with the goals and objectives of the SIG;
• the SIG is judged able to carry out the proposed activity;
• deliverables are realistic and can be accomplished within the budget and time period proposed.

Although there is no upper amount for any individual proposal, applicants should bear in mind that the total amount for this grant call is $4,500. Applications must be submitted by the SIG Chairs (although the grant can be originated by any SIG member). No more than one application per SIG will be accepted.

Proposals should be no longer than three pages (ca. 750 words) and should contain the following information:

1. Name and contact details of proposer
2. SIG name
3. Narrative addressing the criteria above.
4. Amount requested. Please indicate if it would be possible to carry out the activity with less funding, and if so, how that would change the nature of the proposal.
5. Date for final report

Please send submissions to Susan Schreibman susan.schreibman AT 

The adjudication committee is comprised of

Brett Barney (Council Rep)
Lou Burnard (Board Rep)
James Cummings (Council Rep)
Susan Schreibman (Board Rep and Chair)