Request for Proposals: Host Institutions

The Text Encoding Initiative requests proposals from institutions interested in becoming Host Institutions. Host Institutions are major supporters of the TEI and provide financial support to the Consortium as well as technical and administrative support and resources on an in-kind basis.

Currently there are five hosts: Brown University and the Universities of Nancy, Oxford, Lethbridge, and Virginia. The terms of Brown, Nancy, Oxford, and Virginia expire at the end of 2010. The term of Lethbridge expires at the end of 2011. All terms are open to renewal. The usual term for a host is four years.

The Board is in the process of proposing a major restructuring of its operations and by-laws (the current by-laws, including those applying to host institutions, can be found here). Under the proposed by-law changes, institutions wishing to become a host must be (or become) Division 0 members of the TEI and agree to donate an annual minimum of $5000 in in-kind services or support activities to the TEI during their term. In exchange, hosts will receive all the benefits of institutional membership, are identified as major supporting institutions on the TEI website, and advise the Board of Directors through participation in its deliberations and meetings. The dues for a Division 0 member in a high wage economy (including most of Western Europe, Japan, and North America) is $5000 per annum. Division 0 membership is discounted for lower wage economies as defined by the World Bank.

Typical in-kind services include development and supply of publicity materials, contributions to TEI financial or membership administration, developing technical infrastructure, hosting work group meetings, and similar activities. The TEI Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that proposals from potential hosts match the needs of the organisation, are appropriately valued, and cost effective.

As part of this RFP, the TEI is looking for institutions willing to provide specific administrative and technical services but is also very willing to consider proposals from institutions with other strengths that would contribute to the success of the TEI’s mission. Specific services of interest include:

  • Development and operation of membership and subscription management software
  • Accounting services (accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit card acceptance, banking services, etc.)
  • Administrative and technical support for the TEI Council, Special Interest Groups, and other activities
  • Technical infrastructure services (e.g. tools to create, validate, and manage distribution of new versions of the TEI Guidelines, tools to customize and make best use of the modular nature of the TEI Guidelines — e.g. Roma, Vesta etc., development of TEI-friendly generic application software tools)
  • Web hosting, design, and maintenance
  • Secretarial and general administrative support

Beyond these specific services, the TEI is also interested in expressions of interest from prospective hosts in other areas of its mandate, including:

  • Education and mentoring
  • Tool development
  • Development and leadership of special interest groups and other community activities
  • Outreach and Recruitment Activities

All of the above are suggestions and the TEI is happy to consider proposals from hosts that combine suggestions or introduce completely new ideas or approaches.

Proposal from potential hosts are due by November 20th, 2010, with successful applicants identified by December 31, 2010.

If your institution is interested in becoming a host of the TEI, please contact the Chair of the TEI or any Board member to discuss ways of fashioning a successful proposal. We are very interested in developing successful proposals from a variety of different institutions.