Major Changes in Consortium Governance (Proposals for changes to Bylaws)

The Board of Directors of the TEI is proposing a major restructuring of the governance of the Consortium for approval by the membership at its annual meeting on November 11, 2010 in Zadar, Croatia. The proposed changes to the bylaws can be reviewed at the following URL:

Apart from some minor housekeeping, the focus of the proposed changes involve the composition of the Board of Directors and the relationship of Host Institutions to the Board. Among the major changes:

  • An expansion of the elected membership of the Board (i.e. members elected to the Board by the Consortium membership) to 8 from the current 4.
  • Restriction of voting membership on the Board to elected directors only.
  • Provisions that allow for non-voting representation in Board discussions by all host institutions (currently only four hosts may participate in Board discussions through appointed representatives)

By increasing the number of elected members of the Board and restricting voting privileges solely to this class of Director, the Consortium hopes to allow greater opportunity for community involvement in determining the direction of the organisation and improve its responsiveness to community initiatives and interests. By increasing the opportunities for participation by Host Institutions in Board discussions and removing some structural barriers to participation, the Consortium hopes to expand its base of these very important partners in the Consortium’s activities.

These changes continue the movement of the Consortium from its origins as a research project to a wider community-based and -centred organisation. Additional recent changes the Consortium has made in support of this movement include the introduction of a conference component to its annual meeting and the development of its recent micro-grant programme for Special Interest Group Initiatives.

The proposed changes are subject to approval by the membership at the annual meeting. Ballots, Proxies, and/or elect will be send to the membership in advance