TEI 2010 Council & Board Elections

The electronic ballot for members for elections to the TEI Board and Council for 2011 is now open and information about voting procedures has been sent to TEI electors by Veronika Lux. If you are an elector for your organization and you have not received instructions, please contact Veronika at veronika.lux@atilf.fr.

There are two vacancies on the Board and four on Council. All vacancies are for a two-year term. Candidate statements can be found at http://www.tei-c.org/Membership/Meetings/2010/mm52.xml.

The ballot closes on November 10th. Results will be announced at the Members meeting in Zadar and by email via TEI-L and Members-L.

Thanks a lot for your participation!

Sincerely yours,
Sarah Wells
Secretary & Treasurer, TEI