New Special Interest Group: “TEI for Linguists”

Dear All,

This is to let you know of a new SIG — “TEI for Linguists”, scheduled to officially open during the Zadar meeting, on Saturday the 12th at 9.00 in room PBS-1. We will also present the SIG during the Friday poster session.

Shortly speaking, the SIG will address the issue of how to make the TEI more accessible to, and more often used by, ordinary linguists who need a smart and tight encoding format for their corpora or lexicons, but also a way to handle trees and feature structures in their Web output.

Everyone is cordially invited. All further announcements will be sent to the SIG mailing list or appear on the wiki page . A more thorough description of the context and aims of the SIG will appear among the official TEI SIG pages  soon.

Looking forward to welcoming a crowdy crowd at our first meeting,

Piotr Banski, Eleonora Litta Modignani Picozzi, and Andreas Witt