Advance notice of call for Conference Hosts, 2011 and 2012

Hi all

At the annual membership meeting, there was a strong consensus that changes needed to be made in the organisation of the annual meeting and conference. The two most important recommendations were that the TEI annual meeting get “out of sync” with the annual Digital Humanities conference (i.e. not be held on the same continent in the same year), and that the TEI begin planning its annual meetings two years in advance.

Both suggestions were adopted by the Board. We will therefore be issuing Requests for Proposals to host the TEI members meeting and conference in 2011 and 2012 in the coming few days. In keeping with the request that we not hold the conference on the same continent in the same year as DH, these calls will express a preference for proposals from outside of North America in 2011 and outside of Western Europe in 2012.

Contact information will appear in the calls. But please feel free to contact any member of the board in the meantime.


Daniel Paul O’Donnell
Professor of English
University of Lethbridge