Board and Council election results

Hi all,

At the membership meeting last week, we held elections for Board and Council. We had a very strong slate to choose from in both cases.

The successful candidates for the Board were

   Lou Burnard and Arianna Ciula.

The successful candidates for the Council were

   Piotr Banski, James Cummings, Sebastian Rahtz, and Stuart Yeates.

Board and Council members are elected to two year terms.

I would like to thank all candidates for agreeing to let their names stand for election. As always, we were blessed with a slate of very high quality candidates. As the representative of a member institution, I know speaking for myself that it was very difficult to choose who to vote for.

As a result of bylaw changes recommended by the membership and subsequently approved by the Board we will be holding a special election for two additional board members in the course of the next two months. We will be making announcements about nomination procedures and timelines very shortly.

Thank you again to all candidates!


Daniel Paul O’Donnell
Professor of English
University of Lethbridge