Request for Proposals: TEI Conference and Members Meeting, 2012

The TEI Conference and Members’ Meeting takes place every year, usually in late October or early November. As far as possible, the venue alternates between Europe and North America. Previous hosts have included the University of Würzburg  Centre for Digital Editing (2011),  the University of Zadar (2010), the University of Michigan Libraries (2009), King’s College London (2008), and the University of Victoria (2006). The  format of the event is not fixed, but generally keeps the following pattern:

  • 2 or 3 days of pre-conference workshops
  • 3 days of conference sessions, keynote lectures, poster sessions, and meetings of TEI Special Interest Groups

The Annual General Meeting for members of the TEI Consortium is also held during the event. Accounts are presented and election results declared at this AGM, which is open to the public.

    The three days of the main conference normally take place between the Thursday and Saturday of the week of the conference.  The pre-conference workshops may vary in length from a single morning or afternoon to a full two days.
    Attendance at the conference has varied between about 70  and  200, to some extent depending on location, but 100 is the usual average attendance. The TEI Consortium will subsidize a share of the direct costs incurred in running the event, up to a maximum of US$5200.  Bids should include a budget indicating the level of additional funding anticipated and its likely source (local institutions, commercial sponsorship etc.)  The TEI normally charges and retains a small attendance fee, in the region of $100 to covers its own overheads to ensure that it is able to underwrite the cost of future conferences.

    Bids for the 2012 conference must be received  no later than 1 September 2011. Institutions considering making a proposal are requested to contact the chair of the TEI Board ( as soon as possible to discuss their proposal. Completed bids should include the following information:

    • The name of the institution(s) making the bid and a list of proposed members of the local organising team
    • The name, address, email, and telephone number of  a contact person
    • A brief description of the facilities available for the event (rooms, equipment, technical support, food)
    • A preliminary budget
    In submitting bids, local organisers are strongly encouraged to be creative: the TEI meeting is an expression of the TEI community in all its diversity  and should  be seen as an opportunity to showcase local interests and strengths.
    Bids will be reviewed by the TEI board deuring September, and a decision taken in time to announce the venue at the 2011 Meeting in Wurzburg.