Subscriptions 2011 through 2015 now available

The TEI webstore is now selling individual subscriptions through 2015. Go to and select “Join the TEI.”

Individual subscribers help support the TEI both financially and by demonstrating the breadth of our support in the community. In addition to supporting the TEI, individual subscribers also are eligible for a number of benefits, including 1/2 price conference registration and a discount on Oxygen licences.

Institutional memberships are also available. Contact the membership secretary at

2011 TEI Conference in Würzburg 10-16 October

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that the 2011 TEI Conference and Members Meeting will be hosted by the University of Würzburg and its Centre for Digital Editing in cooperation with the German Archive of Literature / Museum of Modern Literature Marbach.

The proposed conference dates are 10-16 October 2011.

The conference programme committee and local organisation will be led by Laurent Romary for the TEI and Fotis Jannidis, Roland Kamzelak (German Archive of Literature Marbach), Malte Rehbein (manager), and Werner Wegstein for the local organisation.

The specific wording of the theme of the conference is to be determined by the committee and will appear in the call for papers. But it should include an emphasis on digital editing in keeping with the emphasis of the Centre at the University. As always papers on all aspects of markup will be considered.

As part of the planning for the conference, the local organisers intend to offer delegates an excursion to Marbach to visit the German Archive of Literature, the Schiller Museum (Marbach is the birthplace of Friedrich Schiller), and the Museum of Modern Literature. Special rates have already been negotiated with local hotels.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Searchable mirrors of TEI-L archives

From: Ron Van den Branden <ron.vandenbranden@KANTL.BE>
Subject: [TEI-L] TEI-L mirrors: polished and shining

Hi all,

Thanks to the patient help of Jason Hunter (MarkMail) and Hugo Teixeira (Nabble), the TEI-L archive is
now mirrored properly on:

-MarkMail: <>
-Nabble: <>

Both contain the full TEI-L archive and are actively accumulating all new messages that are being posted. It has taken some extra spare time to fix (or at least improve on) the character encoding issues of my previous effort, but the result should look much better now. Thanks for the hints on character encoding on this list. For the record: I have taken the manual route Martin suggested, using the excellent Notepad++ editor to convert all 15K+ messages to UTF-8 and spot encoding difficulties. It won’t be perfect, but hopefully good enough to be of use.

Kind regards,


Bylaws Receive Final Approval

At the 2010 Members Meeting in Croatia, the membership voted in favour of the Board’s proposal for changes to the Bylaws. Amongst some housecleaning, the proposals included major changes in the structure and voting membership of the Board and the relationship of “Host” Institutions to the Consortium.

The vote was unanimous amongst the ballots cast. However, the total number of ballots fell just short of the required number for quorum. In its subsequent meeting, the Board took the membership vote as a strong recommendation and used its power to amend most sections of the Bylaws (except those pertaining to the size of the Board) to effect the proposed changes. In addition to these changes, the Board also made a number of other changes in terminology, for example, renaming the “Host institutions” to “Partner institutions” to better reflect their new role.

Because of the complexity of the changes, the Board’s initial approval was in principle, reserving final pending the drafting of specific language and check on consistency. This process was completed in January 2011 and approved by the Board on Friday, January 14, 2011.

The new Bylaws are now in effect and available on the Consortium’s website: Special elections required for the transition to the new Board structure should be announced soon.

Call for Participation: International Symposium on XML Document Interchange

Call for Participation International Symposium on XML Document Interchange: Fact or Fiction or, “That XML file you sent me: what do you expect me to do with it?”

Since the dawn of markup languages, XML and its precursors have been sold as enabling document interchange. Does it work? Do we have document interchange? We send each other “documents” and pull documents out of the Cloud all the time. A lot of those documents are HTML and PDF, some are XML. Does XML really support document interchange?

Questions that motivate the symposium include: What are minimum requirements for interchange, and what must sender and recipient do to foster success? Are there levels of interchange? Can interchange be done “blind” without negotiation on both ends? How can quality of service be defined and measured, and what methods aid in graceful degradation of service? How does interchange differ from long-term sustainability of documents and document collections? How do we balance semantic interchange with fidelity to an original? What challenges are users having interchanging XML documents, and how are they overcoming them?

This one-day symposium will bring together researchers, government analysts, documentation specialists, consumers of documents, and XML practitioners to discuss the problems and challenges of document interchange. What is being done now and what more we can do?


More Information:


  • 11 March 2011 – Peer review applications due
  • 8 April 2011 – Paper submissions due
  • 8 April 2011 – Applications due for student support awards
  • 20 May 2011 – Speakers notified
  • 8 July 2011 – Final papers due
  • 1 August 2011 – Symposium on XML Document Interchange
  • 2-5 August 2011 – Balisage: The Markup Conference

Chair: James D. Mason, Y-12 National Security Complex