Bylaws Receive Final Approval

At the 2010 Members Meeting in Croatia, the membership voted in favour of the Board’s proposal for changes to the Bylaws. Amongst some housecleaning, the proposals included major changes in the structure and voting membership of the Board and the relationship of “Host” Institutions to the Consortium.

The vote was unanimous amongst the ballots cast. However, the total number of ballots fell just short of the required number for quorum. In its subsequent meeting, the Board took the membership vote as a strong recommendation and used its power to amend most sections of the Bylaws (except those pertaining to the size of the Board) to effect the proposed changes. In addition to these changes, the Board also made a number of other changes in terminology, for example, renaming the “Host institutions” to “Partner institutions” to better reflect their new role.

Because of the complexity of the changes, the Board’s initial approval was in principle, reserving final pending the drafting of specific language and check on consistency. This process was completed in January 2011 and approved by the Board on Friday, January 14, 2011.

The new Bylaws are now in effect and available on the Consortium’s website: Special elections required for the transition to the new Board structure should be announced soon.