Searchable mirrors of TEI-L archives

From: Ron Van den Branden <ron.vandenbranden@KANTL.BE>
Subject: [TEI-L] TEI-L mirrors: polished and shining

Hi all,

Thanks to the patient help of Jason Hunter (MarkMail) and Hugo Teixeira (Nabble), the TEI-L archive is
now mirrored properly on:

-MarkMail: <>
-Nabble: <>

Both contain the full TEI-L archive and are actively accumulating all new messages that are being posted. It has taken some extra spare time to fix (or at least improve on) the character encoding issues of my previous effort, but the result should look much better now. Thanks for the hints on character encoding on this list. For the record: I have taken the manual route Martin suggested, using the excellent Notepad++ editor to convert all 15K+ messages to UTF-8 and spot encoding difficulties. It won’t be perfect, but hopefully good enough to be of use.

Kind regards,