eMunch.no officially online

The first version, a beta version, of the digital archive of Edvard Munch’s texts is now online at http://www.emunch.no/

The archive is primarily in Norwegian, but we have start pages in English, French and German (links on flags in the top of the page, in the front page’s main part and in the red menu, so hopefully you’ll manage to find your way). The general information in French and German is limited, I’m afraid, but we will provide more in due time. The texts, mostly letters, written by Munch himself in French and German are directly accessible from the French and German pages. We provide translations in English and French of some of Munch’s texts.

The encoding guidelines we have used are available in English, cf. the English page. There are also a few articles in English on Munch related themes. Guidelines for transcribing Munch’s texts in French and German are available in French and German alongside articles discussing Munch’s use of French and German.

The general guidelines for transcribing Munch’s texts will be translated to English in due time. Eventually we will also provide a list of terms used to categorize Munch’s texts in Norwegian – English – French – German, to facilitate browsing even though the archive is in Norwegian. We hope to be able in the years to come to supply the archive with even more resources in English, French and German.

We also plan to provide some information on the technical aspects of the website. In short, the website is built using Apache Cocoon and the eXist XML database. It is currently hosted by the Unit for Digital Documentation at the University of Oslo.

We are happy to answer questions and hope to receive feedback from you.

Thank you!

Kind regards, Hilde Bøe

Hilde Bøe
Scholarly and Technical Editor

hilde.boe@munch.museum.no | hildeboee@gmail.com