XML Holland TEI Code Challenge

XML Code Challenge

Are you able to code TEI files into an EPUB file using only XML standards like XProc and XSLT 2.0?

What is the challenge?

Develop an XProc pipeline in which a TEI encoded Multatuli book is converted to a valid EPUB file that can be sent to a book publisher/distributor like Centraal Boekhuis.

The intention is to prepare the book Millioenen-studiën by Multatuli for electronic publication by Centraal Boekhuis. The Digital Library of Dutch Literature (DBNL) has made a source file available that must be converted into an ePUB file that meets the requirements of Centraal Boekhuis. The book contains running text, but also pictures, footnotes, and some tables.

What can I win?

There are two prizes:

The first prize consists of:

  • A visit to a leading International XML Conference
  • A beautiful certificate
  • The title of “Open Standards Developer 2011”

The winner will also present his or her application during the XMLHolland Annual Conference (XMLAmsterdam 2011).

The second prize winner will receive a free pass to the XML Holland conference.

What do the judges expect?

We expect you to use (at least) XProc and XSLT 2.0. These standards claim to offer extensive opportunities to develop applications for processing XML files. With this competition, we challenge you to show whether these standards are actually suitable for developing a complete XML application. Or is a real programming language still required?

Using a programming language besides XSLT 2.0 is allowed, but the less programming done in other languages, the more the solution will be appreciated. The goal is a solution based entirely on open standards.

We will judge the entries on the application of the standards, the code and performance. Obviously the output files should be valid EPUB files. They must in any case easily open in Adobe Digital Editions. We will validate the files with EpubCheck 1.2, the same validation that is required by Centraal Boekhuis. Furthermore, the panel will also evaluate the quality of the e-books. Do they look good, do internal links work, is the front cover shown, how are foot- and endnotes dealt with, are the pictures in the right place, is the table of contents correct and is the metadata present?

What should I deliver?

Turn in your solution with the output, the source code and instructions that will enable the judges to create the EPUB themselves using your program.

When should I deliver?

Send in submissions by Oct. 19, 2011 to voorzitter@xmlholland.nl

Who are the judges? The panel consists of experts with a proven track record in the open standards community. For
XMLHolland Code Challenge 2011, the following people will be judges:

  • Patrick Steenvoorden, manager Digitale Diensten at Centraal Boekhuis
  • Irsan Widarto, co-founder and CTO of X-Hive, now Director of XML Engineering at EMC
  • René van Stipriaan, co-founder of Digitale database voor de Nederlandse Letteren (www.dbnl.org)
  • Bas Peters, solutions architect at VLC and experienced developer and architect in the world of XML, Open Standards and Open Source
  • Sebastian Rahtz, Information Manager of Oxford University Computing Services and XML expert, especially TEI