Statement from the TEI Technical Council

Dear TEI community and board,

Following the recent events, the TEI council discussed the issue on a telephone conference yesterday and wished unanimously to express the following statement.

Laurent Romary

A statement from the TEI Technical Council on the recent actions of the TEI Board of Directors

The TEI Technical Council is shocked and saddened by the sudden actions at the TEI Board of Directors which led to the resignation of its chair and the implications this may have for the ability of the TEI Board of Directors to work effectively as representatives of the TEI community.

The TEI Technical Council appreciated the willingness of the outgoing chair to provide a vision for the TEI that could have contributed to reforming the TEI Consortium as an organization. We believe that the events announced by the TEI Board of Directors on 15 August 2011, pending greater explanation, have caused real harm to the TEI Consortium, and we wish to know the Board’s plans for restoring the Consortium’s reputation and good standing in the community.

The TEI Technical Council continues to function and wants to get on with its job of improving and openly maintaining the Guidelines and associated systems and resources on behalf of the TEI community. We hope that the TEI Board of Directors will consider the issues that the outgoing chair raised as it moves forward, and we desire a greater transparency and accountability in TEI Board of Directors activities, notwithstanding the minutes of meetings it already publishes. We call for reforms that introduce mechanisms to make TEI Board of Directors activities more transparent and built on greater consultation with the TEI community.