TEI Consortium Support for TEI P4 (survey)

Dear TEI-L

When the TEI Consortium released TEI P5 in November 2007 it
promised 5 years of ongoing support for TEI P4. Support for TEI
P4 will continue until November 2012. As this is just over a
year away the TEI Technical Council thought it should gradually
phase out support for TEI P4 over this period.

As a first step in this direction it has been suggested that we
de-emphasize TEI P4 on the website (e.g. by stopping search
engines indexing it). Before proceeding with this we want to
gauge how many ongoing/active projects there might be out there
still using TEI P4 and so have set up the following survey:


This collects some information we will use to assess how much TEI
P4 is still being used and what steps we should take in phasing
out its support. It also collects some additional information
potentially of use to the TEI Technical Council. TEI P4 has,
since the publication of TEI P5, been considered deprecated and
since then we have encouraged use of TEI P5 by new projects. Even
if you have never used TEI P4, only TEI P5, we would appreciate
you filling in the survey so we can capture that (negative
results are indeed results in this case).

Many thanks,