Call for TEI Project Info


The TEI Projects page at has
been gathering entries for quite a few years, and not surprisingly some of the
information in the entries is obsolete or out of date. TEI Council has discussed
migrating the information here to a more user-friendly database-like interface,
but that may not happen for a while.

In the meantime, I have just gone through the existing entries and fixed broken
links. I am sure that other information (contact email, etc.) needs updating as
well. If you are responsible for a project listed on that page and want to make
any changes, could you please email the details to me?

Also, you can submit new projects here:

Four projects on the list seem to be entirely missing from the Web. If anyone
can provide me with working links to them, I will update; otherwise I will
remove them from this list in a week or so:

The Anglo-Saxon Poetry Project

The Cursus Project

Project Lorelei

The Sternberg Project

Thanks for assistance,

David Sewell,
TEI webmaster