Seminar, Taking TEI Further: Transforming and Publishing TEI Data

The September 1 application deadline is coming soon for:

Taking TEI Further: Transforming and Publishing TEI Data
Brown University, December 10-12, 2012
Application deadline: September 1, 2012

Travel funding is available of up to $500 per participant, up to $1000 for graduate student participants.

XSLT is a crucial tool for those working with the TEI, both as a key part of any XML publication system and also as a technology for manipulating and managing XML data. As a programming language that can be used to transform XML data into other formats, it is immensely powerful and also comparatively approachable for those already familiar with XML. For individual scholars and librarians (who may not have access to technical support or programmer time), XSLT can be a remarkably enabling skill, making it possible for them to create usable output in a variety of formats, including HTML, formats used by visualization software, and even PDF. The challenge for digital humanists is not in finding XSLT resources; because it is such an important technology, there are numerous tutorials online and workshops available. However, these materials and events are almost universally aimed at an industry audience, rather than at humanities scholars. What we seek to do in these seminars is provide an introduction to XSLT that is aimed at a scholarly audience, using examples from real humanities data and approaching the topic from the perspective of those who may be familiar with the TEI and XML, but not with other programming languages. This seminar will provide participants with an understanding of the essential concepts of XSLT, focusing on examples and use cases from TEI data in the humanities. We will also help participants learn how to use simple templates to create more complex XSLT stylesheets, and how to reuse and reverse engineer stylesheets from other projects.

These seminars are part of a series funded by the NEH and conducted by the Brown University Women Writers Project. They are aimed at people who are already involved in a text encoding project or are in the process of planning one, and are intended to provide a more in-depth look at specific challenges in using TEI data effectively. Each event will include a mix of presentations, discussion, case studies using participants’ projects, hands-on practice, and individual consultation. The seminars will be strongly project-based: participants may present their projects to the group, discuss specific challenges and solutions, and get advice on thorny problems. We encourage project teams and collaborative groups to apply, although individuals are also welcome. A basic knowledge of the TEI Guidelines and some prior experience with text encoding will be assumed.

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Best wishes, Julia

Julia Flanders
Director, Women Writers Project
Brown University