Official TEI-C Support for TEI P4 to be discontinued

Dear TEI Community,

When the TEI Consortium released TEI P5 version 1.0.0 in November
2007 it promised 5 more years of ongoing support for TEI P4.
We’ve reached the date where we are starting to remove this
support for TEI P4. By this we mean that we will no longer
respond to bug reports concerning it and will de-emphasise it on
the website by moving TEI P4 to the Vault alongside the earlier
versions. The locations for TEI P4 materials on the TEI-C website
will be permanently redirected to a location in the Vault.

This should have little or no effect on completed projects who
have large collections of TEI P4 documents. For ongoing projects,
if you regularly validate against a P4 DTD on the TEI-C website,
the old URLs for the DTDs will permanently redirect to the new
locations in the Vault.

The TEI-C Webmasters, David Sewell and Kevin Hawkins, will be
undertaking this work over the next few weeks. If you have any
questions about how this might affect you, please do ask!

As always, we encourage those starting projects to use the latest
version of the TEI Guidelines and those working with previous
versions of the TEI Guidelines to migrate content to TEI P5 where
feasible. For information on migrating from P4 to P5, see


James Cummings
Chair of TEI Technical Council

Dr James Cummings,
Academic IT Services, University of Oxford