Issue 6 of the Journal of the TEI published: Selected Papers from the 2012 TEI Conference

I am delighted to announce the publication of issue 6 of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative (, selected papers from the TEI 2012 Conference held in College Station. It was guest edited by Laura Mandell and Elena Pierazzo.

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TEI P5 Guidelines version 2.6.0 is released!

Dear TEI Community,

Today, Monday 20 January 2014, your TEI Consortium has released 
TEI P5 Guidelines version 2.6.0 (Codename: Rosetta). This release 
has involved some major changes: some are things the people will 
notice, e.g. where we now enforce things the Guidelines have said 
for a very long time (see publicationStmt below), and others 
might not be noticed by most users but are helping us build 
towards a more robust TEI future, e.g. more for 'pure ODD'. 
Simultaneously we have improved some of the mechanisms through 
which we manage the development of the Guidelines, e.g. with this 
release we have moved to timing them after having given TEI-L 
warning and encouraging the community to proofread the pending 
release. (Thank you to all who sent in corrections.)
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