oXygen XML Editor 16.0

XML Editor 16.0 is now available! According to the release notes, “TEI schema was updated to version 2.6.0 and TEI XSL stylesheets to version 7.11.0”. [http://www.oxygenxml.com/whatisnew16.0.html#16.0Other]. There are various enhancements to editing of XSLT and XML in general, and a feature that allows you the ability to run an XPath expression over multiple files. (For example, over all the files in a project; over all open files; or over files defined in a custom working set.)

It has long been possible to search with or without regular expressions over a project, but not to run an arbitrary XPath and return all lines matching the XPath (so that you can check or edit them from the result set, for example). Now it is. The feature works from both the menu-bar XPath field and from “XPath/XQuery Builder” view.