HTML5 and XML: Mending Fences

A Balisage pre-conference symposium (Monday August 4, 2014)

HTML5 is taking over the Web. XML and XML-based toolsets are used to create, manage, interchange, and manipulate much of the content that is published as HTML5. XMLers and HTML5ers may each find the other more than a little peculiar; but it is time to get past our differences and discuss how our differing strengths can be combined to benefit each other, our users, and the information eco-system as a whole.

The Balisage pre-conference symposium this year will bring discussion to Balisage of some things many of don’t like and advocates for positions many of us disagree with. If we are lucky it will also help two very different groups of people understand each other a bit better.

Symposium description:
Detailed program:

The symposium program include two opportunities for participation:

– lightning talks, and
– a Questions and Answer session with Robin Berjon, editor of the
W3C HTML5 specification

Come join the fray! Learn why some are telling us XML is a failure and others are rallying support for XML on the Web.

Check out the Balisage Conference Program:

NOTE: TEI members are eligible for discount registration at both the symposium on “HTML5 and XML” and “Balisage: The Markup Conference”


Balisage: The Markup Conference 2014
August 5-8, 2014                                     
Preconference Symposium: August 4, 2014                +1 301 315 9631