TEI Paid Assistance

Hello everyone,

I am working on a project that uses TEI to organize some authority data related to a large collection of documents. I need an experienced user of TEI to consult on the project and help troubleshoot some of the issues I’m having. I don’t feel that I am experienced enough to do this alone. I have funding that I can use to pay this person for their time. Below is a description of the tasks I need assistance with. Please let me know if you are interested in this opportunity by emailing jacobhill.mail@gmail.com.

  • Creating an authority file for people (personaugraphy) that can incorporate multiple naming structures, including traditional Persian and Arabic names.
  • Creating an authority file for events, that includes basic data about the event–time, place, participants, etc.
  • Creating an authority file for places (gazateer). This will include relative places and figurative places (an example of this is Jabulsa–the mythical city that the Hidden Imam is supposed to live in according to Twelver Shi’ism)
  • Creating an authority file for sources. I would like to use the FRBRoo ontology (perhaps with some modifications) to record info on Works, Expressions, Manifestations, Manifestations Singletons, and Items. In the case of Manifestation Singletons, I will need to record data specific to each copy of the manuscripts available.
  • Creating a controlled vocabulary with subject terms.
  • Setting up a project and linking each text that we encode to these authority files.

Warm regards,
Jacob Hill