Late-breaking News added to Balisage Program

When the regular (peer-reviewed) part of the Balisage 2014 program was scheduled, a few slots were reserved for presentation of “Late breaking” material.  These presentations have now been selected and added to the program.

Topics added include:

–  Streamable functions in XSLT 3.0
–  Teaching XQuery to (non-programmer) humanists
–  Making XML easy to work with (an easier API for XML than SAX or DOM)
–  Extending the relevance of XPath
–  Identity Constraints for XML
–  Teaching NIEM-based models to XML and NIEM novices
–  Enabling XML entity reference while protecting against data theft and denial-of-service attacks

The program already included talks about  case studies from government, the standards world, big data, and a web-browser game; change tracking and versioning in XML documents; XSLT streamability; new approaches to overlapping data structures; a discussion of MathML technology and practice; and technical papers covering such topics as: Web Components, XForms for editing, RELAX NG for DITA, an XQuery framework, OWL, identity in XML and JSON, and RDF and the Internet of Things. Now it is a real must for anyone who thinks deeply about markup.

Balisage is the XML Geek-fest; the annual gathering of people who design markup and markup-based applications; who develop XML specifications, standards, and tools; the people who read and write, books about publishing technologies in general and XML in particular; and super-users of XML and related technologies. You can read about the Balisage 2011 conference at

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Balisage: The Markup Conference 2014
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