Web service correspSearch (beta version) now online

Dear colleagues,

With the new web service “correspSearch” (http://correspsearch.bbaw.de) you may search within the metadata of various scholarly letter editions with regard to senders, addressees, as well as places and time of origin. For this purpose, a website and an application programming interface (API) are provided.

The web service assembles and analyzes data which is based on the projected TEI module “correspDesc” (proposed by the TEI SIG Correspondence). With correspDesc it is possible to record metadata of scholarly letter editions in a homogeneous way. It involves the usage of standardized ids (GND, VIAF etc.) for unambiguous referencing of persons and locations. This approach facilitates the interchange of data among letter editions. The proposal of the module “correspDesc” is currently being examined and evaluated by the TEI Council.

The data basis of this web service are digital indexes of letters provided by the hosts of printed or digital scholarly letter editions. Any printed or digital scholarly edition may register their indexes of letters in correspDesc format at the correspSearch web service. (see http://correspsearch.bbaw.de/index.xql?id=participate)

This web service is developed and provided by the TELOTA initiative at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in cooperation with the TEI SIG Correspondence and other scholars.

Please note that this web service is as “beta version” currently still under development.