Open Access Repository Ranking

Dear Colleagues,

the Open Access Repository Ranking (OARR) was launched September 9, 2014
during the Open-Access-Tage conference.[1] It is the idea and goal of
OARR to show best practices and role models of the German repository
landscape so that other repository operators can learn from them and
improve their services step by step. OARR is a research project based at
the Information Management Department of Professor Peter Schirmbacher at
the Berlin School of Library and Information Science (BSLIS),
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU Berlin) and currently lists 152 open
access publication repositories from Germany according to an open
metric. Open metric means:

– all criteria and scores are transparent;
– the metric is developed together with the open access community to
improve OARR.[2]

Most of the criteria of the metric are derived from the “2014 Census of
Open Access Repositories in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.” We
encourage all repository managers, repository software developers and
repository funders to contribute their ideas to the draft of the 2015
OARR metric using the UserVoice tool (in the “Contribute tab).[3] The
ranking is planned to be published annually at the Open-Access-Tage
conference in September. The preceding January each open access
repository that meets the OARR definition will be contacted to submit
their data via an online form.[4]

For now OARR is a ranking limited to Germany. We are planning to make it
a global ranking as soon as possible. However, this depends very much on
the feedback of professionals from as many countries as possible to make
the OARR metric a reliable and truly bottom up global benchmark for open
access repositories. It is not clear yet whether the ranking should grow
country by country or right to global scale but we are open for your ideas.

We appreciate your questions, comments and feedback.

All the best from Berlin, Germany

Dennis on behalf of the OARR team


Dennis Zielke

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