INRIA/Aviz Recruits an Engineer for the European Project Cendari

INRIA/Aviz Recruits an Engineer for the European Project Cendari.
Requirements: Python/Django, ElasticSearch, HTML5/JavaScript/D3
The Aviz group at INRIA ( is seeking a talented and
motivated engineer to work on the European project Cendari
( Cendari is an infrastructure project aimed at
supporting historians and archivists working on the European history
with a transnational approach (by opposition of a national approach).

The Aviz group, specialist in Visualization and Human-Computer
Interaction, is in charge of the Human-Computer Interfaces and
visualizations related to the Cendari project. To this aim, it seeks at
recruiting a motivated engineer proficient in the key technologies
chosen for the project: Python/Django, ElasticSearch, HTML5/CSS,
JavaScript and the D3 library, as well as semantic web technologies
(RDF, Triple-Store), web services, and standard back-end engines for
web-based systems.

The engineer will work in Orsay, France, inside a laboratory of INRIA,
the leading French Research Center in Computer Science, within the Aviz
group (see for a description of the research we conduct).

The engineer should be proficient in English, experienced in development
on the Linux operating system (Ubuntu), project management, Agile
software development, and development tools such as: git, wikis, issue
trackers, test suites, distribution and deployment of complex web-based
systems. Skills in visualization and HCI would be appreciated, as well
as understanding of XML, TEI, and EAD.
She/he will collaborate with other engineers at INRIA and partners of
the Cendari project throughout Europe (Ireland, Germany, UK, Italy, the
Netherlands, Czech Republic, Serbia, and France).

Contact: Jean-Daniel Fekete ( with a
motivation letter, a CV, and recommendations.

Position starting date: November 1st, 2014

Position duration: 1 year

INRIA ( is among the most renowned research institution in
computer science worldwide. The Aviz group belongs to the INRIA Saclay
center (, located about 30km south of
Paris in the center of the “Plateau de Saclay”, an area dedicated to
research, especially in computer science, mathematics, physics, and
natural sciences. INRIA engineers earn 2100-3100 Euros monthly depending
on the level of skill and experience.

 Jean-Daniel Fekete
AVIZ Team Leader, INRIA       
INRIA Saclay – Île-de-France
Bat 650, Université Paris-Sud   tel: +33 1 74854297
F91405 ORSAY Cedex, France      fax: +33 1 69154240