Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative: Authoring package

Hi all,

You will all have seen the recent announcement that John Walsh has taken over as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, and the publication of the Call for Papers for Issue 9, ‘TEI and Materiality'[1].

We would also like to announce the availability of a new Oxygen-based authoring package for anyone who would like to submit their article in TEI XML. Since the beginning of JTEI, article submissions have been accepted in TEI P5 XML. However, since everyone’s notion of how journal articles should be encoded in TEI is completely different, and the TEI Guidelines provide many different ways of encoding similar textual features, no two submissions have ever really resembled each other much, and every XML submission has needed substantial initial work to turn it into something our reviewers and copyeditors can work with. Now we are providing a set of schemas, along with helpful rendering tools, which should make the process of submission easier for authors using XML, and the processes of reviewing and copyediting much easier for us.

Details of the package, and a download, are available on the TEI wiki:


The package has been created by Ron Van den Branden, our Technical Editor, with some help from me. We view this as a “beta release”; we have been using the tools internally for some months, but this is the first time authors are being asked to use them, so please report any issues or confusion to myself or to Ron.

Martin Holmes
(Managing Editor, JTEI)

1. <>