TEI elections 2014: candidates statements and voting procedures

Dear TEI Community,

We have just sent out the ballots for the 2014 TEI elections. Election information, including the list of the standing candidates is at http://www.tei-c.org/Membership/Meetings/2014/mm70.xml. We are very thankful for the outstanding candidates that have accepted to stand for election, this shows the vitality of our growing community.

The voting is being conducted via OpaVote.org <http://OpaVote.org> and ballots will be sent from “noreply@opavote.org“. All members in good standing at the time of the election are eligible to vote. Individual subscribers vote for Council only; institutional members vote for both Board and Council.

TEI member institutions eligible to vote are listed at http://members.tei-c.org/Institution. If you are the designated elector for your institution or if you are an individual subscriber, please VOTE NOW!  If you are not the designated voter in your institution, but know that person’s identity, please nudge him or her to do so! If you need to know who your institutional elector is, or if you are an individual subscriber but have not received the Council ballot, send email to elections@tei-c.org.

All the best
Elena for the Nomination Committee