Announcing TAPAS launch

Dear colleagues,

We are very happy to announce the public launch of the TEI Archiving, Publishing, and Access Service. TAPAS is now available to the TEI community and the public. TAPAS offers a low-cost solution to the long-term archiving and publication of TEI data, with special emphasis on the needs of smaller projects and individual scholars. You can visit the project at:

TAPAS is free for all TEI members, and is an important new benefit of TEI membership. The service enables members to upload TEI data for long-term storage, and to create TAPAS projects and collections that publish their TEI data. For non-members, we also offer the TAPAS Commons, a shared space where anyone can upload and publish TEI files. Thanks to a number of early adopters, TAPAS is already home to several thriving TEI projects, with more being added every week. Many TAPAS features will work best once more data has been contributed, but already you can see many features in operation. All published TAPAS data is accessible on an open-access basis.

The initial planning and development of TAPAS was generously funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Our next phase of development has already begun with a new NEH grant that supports the addition of an XML-aware repository to TAPAS. In the coming year we will also continue to improve the TAPAS publication mechanisms, provide a public API, develop programs of training and outreach, expand our documentation and user support, and help contributors to build their TEI projects.

TAPAS could not have been built without the generous assistance of many in the TEI community, including beta testers, contributors of test data, early adopters, and those who have offered advice and assistance in many different ways. We are particularly grateful to the TEI for its support of the project. Our warm thanks go out to all who have helped!

We look forward to seeing TAPAS grow, and we invite your engagement, feedback, and contributions! If you have questions about how to use TAPAS or suggestions for future development, we’d be happy to hear from you. Please visit the site’s forums to contribute.

Julia Flanders
Co-director, TAPAS
Director, Digital Scholarship Group
Professor of Practice, English
Northeastern University

Scott Hamlin
Co-director, TAPAS
Director of Research and Instruction
Library Information Services, Wheaton College