Visualisation Tool Supporting the Embedded Transcription Method

Dear colleagues,

(On behalf of Roberto Rosselli Del Turco)

EVT 0.1.62 with experimental support for the embedded transcription method has just been released. A sample edition collecting miscellaneous examples (including those presented in the Guidelines) is available here:

and a blog post describing EVT changes is here:

while the EVT code with all of above is as usual available on Sourceforge:

Feedback and suggestions on how to improve it (and of course other EVT features) would be much appreciated, as written in the blog post we weren’t sure of how to interpret some of the possible use cases. Seeing TEI XML from the point of view of a tool developer, for once, was an eye opening experience!

Last, but definitely not least, thanks to the EADH “small grants” program which made this expansion of EVT’s features possible.

Best wishes from your social media coordinator,
Paul O’Shea