JTEI issue 8: new batch of articles now published

Issue 8 of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative (Selected Papers from the 2013 TEI Conference) is being published on a “rolling” basis as articles are completed. A second batch of articles just appeared within this issue:

Susanne Haaf, Alexander Geyken, and Frank Wiegand:
The DTA “Base Format”: A TEI Subset for the Compilation of a Large Reference Corpus of Printed Text from Multiple Sources
António Rito Silva and Manuel Portela:
TEI4LdoD: Textual Encoding and Social Editing in Web 2.0 Environments

Øyvind Eide:

Ontologies, Data Modeling, and TEI


Previous published articles in this issue (http://jtei.revues.org/1025):
Giliola Barbero and Francesca Trasselli:
Manus OnLine and the Text Encoding Initiative Schema

Roberto Rosselli Del Turco, Giancarlo Buomprisco, Chiara Di Pietro, Julia Kenny, Raffaele Masotti, and Jacopo Pugliese:
Edition Visualization Technology: A Simple Tool to Visualize TEI-based Digital Editions

Many thanks to the Managing Editor (Martin Holmes) and the rest of the team (John Walsh, General Editor, and Ron Van den Branden, Technical Editor) for all their hard work.

More articles from this issue will be appearing over the next couple of months.

[Posted on behalf of Arianna Ciula and Fabio Ciotti (Guest Editors, JTEI Issue 8) by Paul O’Shea, TEI Social Media Coordinator.]