June 1: Congress Hackfest at the University of Ottawa


Congress Hackfest

This non-competitive Hackfest invites participants to explore or “hack” research data provided by invited digital humanities (DH) researchers. It will show what can be accomplished when research data is opened up for collaboration. Participants will enhance their skills and learn to use new tools to visualize data and work with digital assets. The event will also be an opportunity to meet other scholars from diverse fields and to learn about emerging common practices in DH.

This full day event on June 1st will be punctuated by 30 to 60 minute presentations of research projects and workshops on tools available for use by participants. In addition to the research data made available by selected DH researchers, a list of open data sources and tools will be provided. Check back on this space as our program develops.

Experienced and novice hackers are welcome! No prior knowledge of DH techniques or tools is required, but curiosity and a desire to collaborate are essential!

Visit our Congress event page to register: http://congress2015.ca/program/events/hackcongress-bring-your-own-data

A hackfest is an event designed to bring together a group of people to work collectively on a project or a problem, based on the premise that working collaboratively and with different skill sets, a group can accomplish more than an individual working alone.

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