Available position: Assistant webmaster for the TEI Consortium

The TEI Consortium seeks nominations for an assistant webmaster to be appointed by the Board of Directors through December 2016. This person will work with the webmaster (currently Kevin Hawkins) to manage the TEI’s website and email lists hosted on that site, and to assist with archiving conference websites, email lists, and other noteworthy content developed outside of the TEI’s web infrastructure. We are also seeking someone who can help with a task force investigating upgrading or replacing the CMS used for the TEI website.

The time commitment is intermittent, but it’s essential that the incumbent:
* have some experience or aptitude with command-line tools, mailing list administration, and similar light technical skills
* be detail-oriented
* be easy to reach by email

The Board of Directors is open to offering some sort of compensation to the person selected for the position, or to their employer in return for their time commitment.

The Text Encoding Initiative is committed in ensuring equal opportunities to everybody, and invites applications from all genders and ethnicities. For further enquiries, please get in touch with Elena Pierazzo.

The position of assistant webmaster is non-stipendiary, and although the Board is prepared to offer some reward to the successful applicant, this might take the shape of a free TEI membership for the applicant’s home institution or support to attend the Member’s Meeting.

Please send nominations to elena.pierazzo@kcl.ac.uk by the 29 May, stating motivations for applying for the positions and including a short CV highlighting the specific competencies.