Reminder! Call for hosts: TEI Members’ Meeting and Conference for 2016

This is a public call for bids to host the annual TEI Members Meeting and conference for 2016. Meetings have traditionally been held in the fall. The last two meetings were held in Rome (2013:  and Chicago (2014; this year it will be held in Lyon. The site of the meeting has typically alternated between Europe and North America, but that is not a fixed rule.

The TEI website includes a document about Hosting a TEI Conference and Members Meeting ( It is a useful blueprint, but many of its details are subject to negotiation or the preferences of the local host. The details of it can be condensed as follows:

1. The meeting should be held at a place that members are likely to consider attractive, accessible, and affordable.
2. The meeting should be a two- or three-day event, with workshops that might precede or follow it
3. The budget model assumes that the conference host is responsible for profit or loss and the TEI is responsible for a guaranteed contribution of $7,000.00 USD.

With regard to the third point it has been the experience of previous hosts that the combination of the subsidy, registration fees, and contributions from sponsors has allowed the hosts to break even or end up with a modest surplus.

If you are interested in hosting the 2016 meeting, please get in touch with me by May 31, 2015 or preferably as soon as possible, outlining your bid and describing how it meets the criteria above. Informal approaches are highly encouraged before bid submission.