oXygen XML Editor 17

A new major version of oXygen XML Editor released, bringing it to version 17.

The release notes are presented in detail at

Schematron Quick Fix support was already noticed by TEI users (see the message from Joel Kalvesmaki) – that is one of the highlights of version 17 – along with the user friendly messages provided by Schematron validation, you can annotate the Schematron schema also with recovery actions that will be presented to the user in order to automatically fix a reported problem.
Next Wednesday we have a webinar that presents this functionality, both from the user perspective and from the Schematron developer perspective, so please join us then in case you want to find more about quick fixes and Schematron quick fixes in particular:

Another addition that you may find useful is the XML Refactoring support that can apply XML aware operations, defined as XQuery update scripts (for now, in 17.1 we plan to support also XSLT) to a set of files – but they are applied is a “safe” mode, preserving the DOCTYPE declarations, attributes order, etc.
Here it is a short video demonstration
and a webinar that explains this is scheduled for June 3:

The TEI framework was also updated to include the latest schemas (2.8.0) and stylesheets (7.34.0).

The SDK was updated to providing new extension points and the Web-based editor improves the integration API and provides an adaptive user interface that is both desktop and mobile-friendly.
You can quickly test this at following the “try it online” link at
If you place your own TEI files in Dropbox or Google Drive then you can use the test server to load them, as it includes these connectors.