Registration Open for Web Archives 2015: Capture, Curate, Analyze

Web Archives 2015: Capture, Curate, Analyze

November 12 and 13, 2015

University of Michigan Central Campus, Ann Arbor, MI

Rackham Amphitheater and Hatcher Graduate Library

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While research in almost all disciplines increasingly relies on evidence gleaned from websites, social media platforms, and other online resources, we are still just figuring out how to preserve web materials for future use. As instructors and scholars embrace these primary sources and discover new and innovative ways to interact with web data, their efforts are aligned–knowingly or not–with those of developers and curators.

Web Archives 2015 brings together developers, curators, and researchers to explore the following questions:

  • How do collecting policies and appraisal decisions shape web archives?

  • How can web archives be effectively integrated with classroom instruction and academic discourse in general?

  • How do available resources and technologies influence the extent and success of web captures?

  • How do scholars want to access and interact with web archives?

  • How can individual scholars ensure that the materials that they need will be available both for their research and for documenting their work?

  • What tools can optimize the use and reuse of archived websites and online materials?

  • What measures of confidence does the academic community have in the use of archived websites for research?

  • How can librarians, archivists, and technologists preserve the functionality and utility of complex web resources over the long-term?

Hosted by the Bentley Historical Library and University of Michigan Library, this two-day multi-disciplinary conference will provide a forum to explore ideas, tools, and methodologies for creating and managing web archives and better understand the scholarly and research needs of those working in the field.

A full schedule and travel information is available on the conference website.

Keynote Speakers:

Jefferson Bailey (Internet Archive)

Abbie Grotke (Library of Congress)

Juan Cole (University of Michigan)

Ian Milligan (Waterloo University)

Sponsored by:

The University of Michigan Library

The Bentley Historical Library

The University of Michigan School of Information

Michigan State University Libraries and the University Archives

The Institute for Humanities at the University of Michigan