LingSIG Meeting at the 2015 TEI Conference in Lyon

This is a gentle reminder for everyone that the next LingSIG meeting is coming close. We should be able to learn soon about the exact conference schedule, but here’s a sneak peak: prepare for Thursday October 29th, from 16h30 to 18h. And again, we would like to repeat the call for micropresentations (see below). Two slots are already reserved — please kindly contact Piotr and Andreas directly (or via this list) if you would like to contribute.

Part of the SIG meeting will be devoted to a presentation/discussion of TEI-aware tools for linguists, led by the Tools SIG convener, Serge Heiden. If you happen to use a good tool and would like to share the news, or if you’re in need of some particular functionality in an existing tool, Lyon-MM is going to be the place and the time to talk about it.

[save the date!] As an additional attraction, Alexey Lavrentev has obtained the funding and made the preparations for a visit at the ICAR lab in Lyon, on Tuesday the 27th (after the pre-conference workshops have concluded — ICAR is a stone’s throw from the workshop venue). Alexey will probably need to know the rough number of prospective participants at some point, at least for the purpose of preparing a little “apéritif” afterwards.

Please let us know if you intend to come to the LingSIG meeting, and feel very welcome to reserve a slot for a micropresentation.

On behalf of Piotr and Andreas, the conveners of LingSIG,

Paul O’Shea

TEI Social Media Coordinator