Software solutions for TEI-described manuscripts

Do you use TEI to describe manuscripts?

If so, could you help us by telling us the software solutions you use for:
  • editing
  • managing
  • publishing
  • indexing
the TEI-encoded information?
We would like to understand the range of solutions used by the TEI community to inform a new Bodleian Libraries project which aims to:
  • determine a suitable technical architecture for the storage and indexing of TEI-XML manuscript descriptions across multiple collections
  • build or implement the ‘back-end’ technical architecture as scoped
  • engage in user testing of the existing TEI-based catalogues to decide the functional improvements requires for the front end interface(s)
  • build a new, user-friendly interface for searching and browsing TEI
  • design and implement a sustainability plan around training, communications and standards
If you can help us, or have any questions about the project, please contact: