CFP: Reading wide, writing wide in the Digital Age: perspectives on transliteratures

Call for papers

Reading wide, writing wide in the Digital Age: perspectives on transliteratures
Complutense University of Madrid

22nd -23rd October 2015

Organizer: Miriam Llamas & Amelia Sanz (LEETHY Group)

The launching of Google Books and of Google Earth in 2004 could be considered a symbolical landmark in the configuration of memories and localization in space, a kind of milestone.  Is there a time before and a time after 2004? Should we be getting ready for a change in literary reading and writing? Certainly, these days, we are witnessing an unprecedented acceleration of the circulation of products and materials, of people, texts and memories, while the national and global imaginaries coexist, fight and produce literatures. Commonplaces are repeated about contemporary literatures, new readers, globalization, the Internet etc., but, in fact, we do not find enough contrasted experiences and studies that support many of these assertions.

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