Versioning Machine and Text Versioning Survey

Dear colleagues,

Karolina Badzmierowska, Roman Bleier and the VM team would be very grateful if you could complete a survey about The Versioning Machine and text

The Versioning Machine (VM) is a framework and an interface for
displaying multiple versions of text encoded according to the Text
Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines. Begun in 2000, there have been
several major updates since then.

Currently they are working on a new version (5.0)  and they are looking to
the community for feedback on the current version and feature requests
for the redevelopment.

We invite you to complete a short survey to guide the redevelopment.
There are a maximum of 27 questions, but it should not take longer than
ten minutes.

Here is the link to the survey:

Many thanks on behalf of Karolina, Roman and the VM team.

Your social media coordinator,
Paul O’Shea